Luminox® Low-Foaming Neutral Cleaner

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Luminox is a low foaming, neutral pH detergent for use in manual, ultrasonic, and machine cleaning. Safe-handling detergent used for non-corrosive cleaning without chelation or alkalinity waste treatment problems. Recommended for residue free cleaning of aluminum and soft metal, medical devices, pharmaceutical equipment, alkaline sensitive labware, and medical instruments in aluminum trays. Free rinsing, eliminating interfering residues. Dilute 3:100. pH 7

  • Low foaming for use in mechanical and spray washers
  • Neutral pH for non-corrosive cleaning, safe handling and easy waste disposal
  • No chelation or alkalinity waste treatment problems
  • Concentrated for economical use
  • Free rinsing to eliminate interfering residues
  • Biodegradable and phosphate free

For manual, soak and ultrasonic use, make a 3-5% solution (4-6 oz per gal. or 30-50 ml per liter) in warm or hot water. Protective gloves and eyewear are recommended. For spray machines, add detergent at the hot water wash cycle to make a 2% solution (2 1/2 oz. per gal. or 20 ml per liter). For difficult soils raise water temperature and use more detergent. RINSE THOROUGHLY—preferably with running water. For critical cleaning do final or all rinsing in distilled, deionized or purified water. Corrosion testing may be advisable.

Used to clean: Aluminum and soft metal surfaces, medical instruments in aluminum trays, alkaline sensitive lab and glassware, sensitive aerospace materials, pharmaceutical process equipment, medical devices, electronic components. FDA certified.

Used to remove: Oils, dirt, grime, adhesives and uncured epoxy, particulates, residues, fluxes, chemical solvents, machining oils.

Surfaces cleaned: Corrosion inhibited formulation recommended for glass, ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, aluminum, copper, zinc, and other soft metals, ceramic, plastic, circuit boards and electronic components.

Cleaning method: Soak tanks, manual cleaning, ultrasonic tanks, mechanical washers, washer/sanitizers, spray washers, CIP systems.

SizeCatalog Number
1 gal bottle (3.8 L)1901-1
Case of 4 x 1 gal (4 x 3.8 L)1901
5 gal jerrycan (19 L)1905
15 gal drum (57 L)1915
55 gal drum (208 L)1955

Specifications for Luminox® Low-Foaming Neutral Cleaner

Product Volume 1 Gallon Bottle or Case 4 x 1 Gallons or 5 Gallons Pail or 15 Gallon Drum or 55 Gallon Drum