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The Lead-Specific Detergent™

• As a result of extensive research and development, Ledizolv is a liquid, phosphate free, lead dissolving, controlled foam anionic detergent.

• Even at ambient temperatures, Ledizolv has outstanding metal-ion solubilizing properties at concentrations as low as 2%.

• Although highly concentrated, Ledizolv has a mild pH, excellent health, safety and handling characteristics and is biodegradable and readily disposable.

• Ledizolv reduces costly clearance-testing failures. Unlike tri-sodium-phosphate (TSP) detergents, Ledizolv is free rinsing. While TSP actually precipitates lead, it won't solubilize or hold it in solution, while Ledizolv will emulsify and encapsulate all metal ions in solution. TSP is also highly alkaline with a pH over 12 and its residue can drastically decrease the adhesion properties of encapsulants. Ledizolv has been formulated to exhibit very high complexing, sequestering and metallic-ion solubilizing with many di-valent, tri-valent and tetra-valent metallic ions, combined with excellent hard surface detergency.

• As a result, Ledizolv helps reduce clearance-testing failures, eliminating additional costs for re-cleaning and re-testing as well as re-occupancy delays. • In addition, Ledizolv 's zero phosphate level and near neutral pH reduce disposal difficulties.

• And, as a hard-surface cleaner Ledizolv exhibits good wetting, emulsifying, sequestering, chelating, soil deflocculating and rinsing properties to reduce additional environmental concerns in lead abatement

How to use

Make a fresh 2% solution (5 Tbsp. per gal., 2.5 oz. per gal. or 20 ml per liter) in warm water. Clean by wet mop or spray on application. RINSE THOROUGHLY with clean water. Used on a wide range of glass, ceramic, plastic, tile, concrete, gypsum board, plaster, wood, vinyl, metal surfaces.

Specifications for Ledizolv - Lead Specific detergent

Product Volume 16 oz Bottle or Case of 25 x 16 ounces or 1 Gallon Bottle or Case 4 x 1 Gallons or 5 Gallons Pail or 15 Gallon Drum or 55 Gallon Drum